Weekly Newsletter for Oct. 4th, 2018 - Machineguns for sale from ATFMachinegun.com, Machineguncentral.com

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You may recall an estate of machine guns we mentioned a few weeks ago. These are now available, many on Form 3's you will see them listed below.

Since we have pulled in more guns than normal over the last few weeks and want to reduce inventory, THIS WEEK ONLY, we are going to let youMake an OFFER on any of the below guns. We will be selling some of these cheap to make room. Email your reasonable offer and we’ll let you know what we can do. We are ready to wheel and deal! Email us for pics and info on items without links…

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NEW Marble Game Getter AOW $2,995

NEW M10 .45 w/ a bunch of extras! (extra stock, upper, and more!) $7,295

NEW PAWS M16 XM177 w/3 Extra uppers! $21,750

NEW HK 33 w/ Registered S&H Sear…$35,995

NEW Colt M16A2 Carbine…$28,995

DLO 1919A4 in .308 w/Tripod…like NEW!!!…$18,995

Colt SP1…$20,995

M11 .380…$6,495

FN BAR Pre Sample…$15,995

NIB Colt M16A2…$35,995

Sten MKII…$6,995

Sten MKII…$6,995

American 180 Pre Sample….$6,595

UZI $10,995

Springfield M1…$14,995

1928 Thompson w/Original Box…$20,995


Email us for Pics on these great items!

Mini Uzi Registered Bolt w/Vector Host…3 Mags and extra stripped top cover…$16,995 Colt

M16 A2 Commando NIB AUTO MARKED…$35,995

Colt DOE factory colt model 633 9mm…$30,595

RPB Ind M11A1 New in Box…Form 3 Efile…$7250

West Hurley 1928 All GI components… Form 3 Efile! $19,995

M60 by Metrotech built with Original Saco Trunion (not rewelded) Form 3 Efile! $46,995

S.A.W. M16 w/Tripod…$21,995

IMI Uzi 9MM…$10,995

M10 .45…$6,795


Check out these CLASSIC C&R Guns…

M2HB C&R Rare Kelsey Hayes .50 Cal…$45,995

Erma EMP C&R 9MM…$22,995

Bergman MP34/35 C&R…$14,995

MP18 C&R 9MM…$14,995



Colt M16A1…$25,995

M16 $20,995 Form 3 Efile!

PAWS M16…$20,995

Colt M16A2 XM177 w/Colt Moderator…$35,995 Email for pics!


H&K Sears & Registered Receivers:

HK Qualified Sear pack…$31,995

H&K G3 Registered Push Pin Receiver…$23,995

HKG3 Billistics Registered Receiver…$19,995


M2 .50’s & 1919’s:

Ramo M2HB…$40,995

Group M2HB .50 Cal $37,995 Form 3!


M10’s & M11’s:

*See Above



*See Above


Reising M50’s & M2’s:

Reising M50 w/Hard Case…$7,595

H&R M50 w/Federal Labs Case…$7,995


Thompson’s, BAR, Grease Guns, & MP40’s:

German MP40 C&R…$19,995

Guidelamp M3 Grease Gun C&R…$28,995

German C&R MP44….$29,995

1928 Thompson…$19,995 FORM 3 Efile!!

1928 Thompson w/FBI Briefcase and Mags…$23,995

Group BAR …$28,995



AC556 w/ Original Box $12,595 Form 3 Efile!

AC556 w/Original Box and .22 Conversion Kit…$12,995

Ruger AC556 Folder…$11,795



Pre Sample Uzi w/Fixed Stock

Pre Sample Uzi w/Folding Stock

Pre Sample FAL…$8,995

Pre Sample M37…$11,995

Pre Sample MG34…$13,995

Ithaca M3A1 Pre Sample Grease Gun…$11,995

Pre sample HK53…$9,995

MP28 Pre Sample…German Original…$10,995

Uzi Pre Sample…$9,995




SBR’s and Semi Autos…

Kriss Vector .45…$1,895

Thompson .45…$1,895

Ohio Ordance HCAR Semi Auto…$3,995 Like New!

RDTS MP5-40 SBR….$8,595

AK47 SBR $1,195

MP5SD SBR $6,595

H&K SP89 PDW SBR $4,995 Form 3Efile!

MP5SD .40 Cal. SBR…$7,995


No Law Letter Close-Outs: Stay Tuned for a NEW No-Law Letter Collection…COMING SOON!

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