Selling Everything - Advice needed

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Selling Everything - Advice needed

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I want to sell a mix of NFA and non-NFA (from my old Class 3 dealer days (sole proprietor) days [two pre-samples] and two LLC items (sole proprietor). If buyer is not Class 3, buyer will have to arrange for getting buyer for pre-samples but buyer would be the one paying me.

I plan on sending inventory list, allowing for buyer's on-site inspections, and asking for lump sum offers (not an action, no per piece pricing). I would like to be paid lump sum.

Any advice on

1) how to handle transfers: I doubt the transfers will be approved at the same time.

2) I have some suppressors that won't be worth the $200 tax. After I am paid, what is a good procedure for surrendering suppressors that the buyer does not want?

3) How to handle any transfer issues?

4) Any other advice?

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